Australians deserve a choice


"We believe that ALL Victorians & Australians deserve to live in social and economic prosperity.

The regions offer enormous potential and opportunity. but we need a movement of thousands, to turn the #BigCity tide".

Vanessa Wiltshire, Founder, Spark Rural.



I'm Vanessa Wiltshire, Founder of Spark Rural. After witnessing a rural road fatality in September 2017, I was forced to think about life, and my place in the world.

Although I was doing worked that I liked, it wasn't enough.  I felt trapped and held back, unable to work with people and communities to the level I wanted to.

So, on 19 December 2017, I struck out on my own, with a phone and a car. The 'plan' was to write a book.

The path emerged, and today, Spark Rural is a communications and community strengthening agency. We partner with government and small business to develop and revitalise small towns and rural communities, so more Victorians and Australians have a choice between living in the city or the country.

While we take a holistic view toward community development, we believe that prosperity happens when people have quality jobs they are good at, and ideally, love.

All Victorians and Australians deserve to live well. While the regions offer enormous potential and opportunity, there's a lot of work to be done.

It's not impossible, but it boils down to how badly we want the freedom of choice. And the kind of place we want to leave for future generations.

Would you like to be involved? Drop me a note at

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Vanessa Wiltshire
Founder, Director, Writer Spark Rural
95a High Street [we are located inside Todd Property]
Heathcote, VIC 3523