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Outsourced Communications and Engagement Director

Engage and connect with your community in a deep and genuine way.

With a focus on positive news stories, Spark! publications nurture open and authentic conversation between business, government and community. Interviews and articles foster civic pride and shift perception about what is possible, rather than what is not.  Dismantle the "one to many" and build a collaborative platform to pave the way forward.

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Vanessa Wiltshire is an expert in whole of town strengthening. She has a passion for social enterprise and small business. Vanessa is available until December to speak on the following topics:

  • Why some small towns and rural communities 'go ahead' - and others lag, or die
  • What being first on scene at a rural road fatality taught Vanessa small town revitalisation
  • How to transform your community with human storytelling
  • How Human Engagement can help you make better decisions and achieve win-win outcomes

We develop and implement strategies that help you build great relationships and brand awareness.

Industries: food and wine, health, education, government and technology. A minimum commitment of 3 months (1 day a week) is required.

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