Writing & Publishing

We write (and ghost write) articles, publications and magazines that are based on small town revitalisation, community strengthening and population decentralisation. In 2018 Vanessa Wiltshire has worked for State Government in part-time employment, and independently (freelance) for organisations across the food, wine and community service industries.

Vanessa also writes for local, State and National publications, most recently, Domain.



Vanessa is a specialist in whole of town strengthening. Organisations and agencies have engaged her in 2018 to speak on the following:

  • Harnessing the power of story to connect with people and effect change

  • Why do small towns and rural communities 'go ahead' , where and others lag or die?

  • What does innovation mean for small towns? Who's making it happen and how?

Real Life Programs

Commencing in late October, Vanessa is heading off for a regional road trip with her colleague Vanessa North. Over 10 days, Vanessa + Vanessa will run a series of public workshops and evening gatherings across 4 towns in Gippsland.

Together and individually they will look organisational and community strengthening. Collaboration and human storytelling are at the heart of V+V's work!


Get your message out through the power of story
Cut-through communications for small business, not-for-profit and LGA.

Warragul, Morwell, Traralgon & Bairnsdale


What makes some towns go ahead, where others lag or even die?

Making innovation work for small townships and rural communities in Gippsland and Victoria.

locations TBA

Large projects

We develop and implement communications and engagement strategies that build positive, deep and trusted relationships with your audience and constituents. To get more info, e: vanessa@sparkrural.com.au


Contact Vanessa Wiltshire - vanessa@sparkrural.com.au