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We produce articles, publications and magazines that promote fun, inspiring and interesting ways of living, working and doing business in the country.

In 2018, Vanessa Wiltshire worked part-time for Parliament Victoria (Office of Steph Ryan, MP). In this capacity she produced a magazine, “Spotlight on Kilmore”.

Vanessa freelances as a writer, trainer (PR and customer engagement) and speaker beneath her brand, Spark Rural. She has written for Domain (Fairfax) and is engaged part-time at McPherson Media as the journalist for McIvor Times.

PR and customer engagement training

Our masterclass for regional business owners and leaders will give you simple but powerful tools to build your brand and “get your name out there”.

You will learn how to

  1. Engage people through “conversation writing”

  2. Write a press release that captures the attention of media

  3. Pitch your events, products and services to print, radio, TV and industry influencers

  4. Use social media to build a “cult following”

  5. Network effectively in your industry (no cold calling or slimy sales!)

  6. Get known and respected for your ideas, expertise and services.

Dates and locations to TBA (Heathcote, Traralgon, Mildura)

The program will also be delivered online.

Major projects (community strengthening and economic development)

Human relationships and trusted partnerships are at the heart of healthy communities. But when people get tired, busy and stressed, they can be difficult to maintain. We are skilled at facilitating groups and teams, particularly where things have come ‘unstuck’ or where the aspirational goal is clear, but the path “how to get there” is not.

We’re also skilled at building relationships and deepening engagement in fresh, creative and fun ways. Community consultation doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be boring!

Two of our best projects:

  • The Wallan to Heathcote Rail Trail Feasbility Study as employed by Mitchell Shire Council 2016/17.

  • Spotlight on Kilmore as employed by Parliament Victoria - Office of Steph Ryan MP in 2018.

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