Kate Candlish & Georgie Moate

When Kate Candlish, 38 (left), moved to Heathcote (Vic), she set out to find work almost immediately. Trouble was, she was 31 weeks pregnant.

Undeterred and determined, Kate went door knocking with her resume, walking up and down the High street. In just a couple of days, Kate had secured not one, but three part-time jobs.

Georgie Moate, (the then) manager of the Heathcote Wine Hub said that Kate’s pregnancy didn’t even factor in the decision to hire her. “Kate’s a hard worker, very professional and friendly. There’s nothing she can’t do, except maybe some lifting. We’re glad to have her - and actually pretty sad that she’ll be going on leave in a few weeks!’ Georgie also says that it’s ‘tough’ to find good staff and that we was ‘very happy’ to take her on.

*This photo was taken by Vanessa Wiltshire. A longer article was also written. Both appeared in the McIvor Times, 23 May 2018.