Spotlight on Kilmore

Spotlight on Kilmore was developed by Vanessa Wiltshire, on behalf of Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of the National Party (Victoria), Steph Ryan. This was done in Vanessa’s capacity of electorate officer in 2018.

The purpose of Spotlight on Kilmore was to develop a hard copy and online resource for new residents in a township of high growth; to help with orientation and fast connection into the community. Free hard copies are available (plus P&H). Please contact . You can also contact Steph Ryan’s office on (03) 5762 1600.
.id the population experts

Find free, in-depth information for over 300 local government areas and suburbs in Australia and New Zealand.
This tool can help you research and understand local communities BEFORE you make a move. This is an external resource.

List of all Australian councils

Contact local government associations to learn about the opportunities and challenges of a region, town or community. The “news” or “media” section of their websites can give important insight, as well as their social media channels (Facebook).

Councillors and Mayors are a wonderful point of contact. They can connect you to the right people, including people within council and also the community. Many will also say ‘yes’ to a phone call or coffee if you reach out to them (email usually best). This is an external resource.

Regional Australia Institute

A peak body that performs research and helps develop policy on growth in regional Australia. Their tools and publications give insight into where opportunities may lie. This is an external resource.

A guide to Australian newspapers

Regional and local news gives you important insight into a local community. Stories that discuss planning and infrastructure development, new business investment and tourism can tip off areas of (not-yet-advertised) opportunity.

Equally, regional media can give you an understanding of the challenges a community faces. Perhaps your skills are a perfect set for a critical problem? You will also see the same names pop up; important for networking and relationship building. Remember to follow newspaper / media socials, especially Facebook.

We write for the McIvor Times in Heathcote. All resources are external.