Tree Change Concierge Sessions

‘Is a tree change right for me?’

Tree Change Concierge Sessions are 60 minute recorded calls where you get to pick my brains about tree change, job hunting, networking and career development.

I’ve travelled 30,000 kilometres across Victoria and spoken to over 1,000 people about why they live in the country and what they do for work.

The work is out there.

I can tell you where real opportunities are in regional Victoria and wider Australia. And importantly, how to uncover the opportunities that AREN’T advertised. That’s up to 80% of jobs!

Together we’ll address your concerns, so you can decide if a tree change is right for you.

There are no contracts. You only keep on going for as long as you’re getting benefit.

Tree Change Concierge Sessions cover

  • How Vanessa (me) escaped the corporate world, left Melbourne AND changed careers - in 12 weeks

  • How to know if a tree change is right for you

  • Discussing your key concerns

  • Escaping a career that makes you unhappy and into something that makes you smile (and pays the bills)

  • Building networks in regional communities without having to go anywhere

  • Knowing where the GOOD jobs are and how to find them them (tapping hidden job market)

  • Making a career change and reinventing yourself (at any age)

  • Establishing yourself in a new town or region

  • The top things to look out for (that most tree changers won’t tell you)

  • How much money you need to make the move

  • Finding schools, connecting to services and settling in

Sessions are 60 mins in length and cost AU $110.

We meet via Zoom (online).
To book, just complete the form below. We accept payment via PayPal.