How do you follow your passion if there's no money in it?

One of the greatest choices we will face is walking the traditional path versus the one we want, the one our heart is truly calling us to.

I pushed in the corporate world for a decade. I wanted to prove to myself that I had what it took. The money was excellent. The strange thing was that the more I earned, the more I spent. Money on expensive nights out, dinners, brunches, clothes. Tens of thousands on travel.

I burned out multiple times, badly.

I know now that I was distracting myself from the truth. What I really wanted to do, was write. I wanted to live in the country.

But there’s no money in that. No jobs there either.


Writing doesn’t pay? tell that to Liane Moriaty. No good work in regional Australia? Tell that to Marnie Baker.

And so I decided to change what I believed was possible. It didn’t happen over night, it was a process. The path is still evolving. Now after three years, I’m making a decent living from writing. It’s less, but it’s enough. I spend less and I have more.

I wake up to mountain views. No more cubicle in the sky and a manager breathing over my shoulder.

Begs the question - what’s possible for you?