How to guarantee your escape from corporate (and the city) will be a success

Every single one of us encounter watershed moments.

They can rock us to the very core, and push us to question the path we are on.

For many years I travelled to Melbourne from the suburbs, and felt nothing but dread. I’d climb the moving staircase at Parliament station and emerge into a thick and fast moving crowd. Like a human river, thousands of people with one single purpose.

To get to work on time.

I’d walk into any one of those skyscrapers and meander into the elevator. As they sped me to ridiculously numbered floors, I’d often ask myself, “Isn’t there anything more than this”?

And the cold, terrible answer: “there is no way out”.

I tried so many times to escape. Anyone who has tried to ‘break free’ will tell you it’s not as easy as the experts claim.

Do what you love and the money will come! Follow your passion!

Or even worse, find your ‘purpose’.

Sadly the money does not (always) automatically come. And if it does, it’s (often) not ‘enough’.

I have discovered there is no blueprint, no formula. No bullet-proof method to success. A LOT of people will tell you that there is. But it’s a fantasy. And their ‘lifestyle’ and instagram feeds rely on you buying this.

I have found the more we look for things, the harder they are to find. Even if we do find what' we’re seeking, we grasp so hard, that it ends up slipping away.

Very few of us come to this planet with just one ‘purpose’. If you’re struggling hard to ‘find’ that mythical one thing, sit back and relax. Let go.

Just as the pupae turns into a beautiful chrysalis, change is at the heart of everything we do. What’s right for you today will probably not be the same as you grow.

It’s not so much finding your passion or purpose, but curating and finding work, people, places and hobbies that mean something.


Just about every person I’ve encountered wants to do something that ‘helps’ others. If you can take the time to understand your strengths, the things that come most easily to you, and, that helps others, you’re on a path to finding work that makes your heart sing (and pays the bills).

It may not be six figures, but I guarantee it will be enough.

Yes, money matters. However there comes a point in our lives where we must decide if it is the means, or if it is the end goal.

Does money facilitate the experience? Or is accumulating it the experience?

I know which I live by.

Never have we been so collectively and individually wealthy. Never have we lived in a society where it is so easy to compare ourselves to others and to think that somehow, we’re not good enough.

We always want more.

While that game never ends, can get control of it.

Moving to regional Victoria was a huge step for me to do this.

Over time I got control of my finances. Yes, I earn less, but my ‘overheads’ are far lower. I live in a rural town and there just aren’t the same ways to spend money. Sure there is the internet, but where possible I shop local.

Paradoxically I have more money - and - time.

Moving to regional Victoria has allowed me to find space, physically and metaphorically. I’ve driven thousands of kilometres over the last 3 years. Dare I say that my life has been changed on these country drives as I have time to contemplate the silence and the space.

I consider myself very lucky to have found work that I am good at and matters to me. It matters to the community too. As the local journalist I am part of an unbroken tradition, a long line of journalists informing, educating and inspiring the town since 1863.

You may think I’m just lucky.

I assure you I am not. I have chosen to work on my mindset and believe that what I want can happen. Even if I have no idea how it’s going to come about, I choose to believe. It’s not always easy, but it hasn’t failed me yet.

Just this week the Regional Australia Institute declared a talent shortage. There are currently 45,000+ jobs available beyond city borders.

If you want one of them, I invite you to believe that you can get ‘lucky’.

In the very least, I invite you to believe that you deserve to do work that you like / love (most of the time), AND pays the bills.

This is after all the lucky country after all.