What's the first step to tapping the hidden job market in regional Oz?

One of the best ways to find out what's happening beyond Melb / Syd / Bris and what potential job opportunities may be, is to read the local newspaper or watch the local news (Hint: follow on FB).

I write for the McIvor Times in Heathcote, in Central Victoria.

Number one rule is that work is not always advertised. Pay attention to the kinds of stories being profiled and told in local media. Anything that talks about growth (economic, tourism, large and small business), write it down. No matter how small.

There's a really interesting article on the front page of the Southern Riverina News this week regarding a $20M spend on residential development and tourism by Berrigan Shire Council.

Look for stories like this when you're researching #treechange#seachange. Zoom in on what's happening. Who's driving it? What's happening? And importantly.....who can you reach out to?

Pic: Champions IGA have invested several million dollars into a new supermarket in #Heathcote. New jobs were created too.

****Find your local paper at http://www.newspapers.com.au
****Check out the local WIN TV https://www.wintv.com.au/