Does quality of life trump the corner office?

BETWEEN the ages of 21 - 38 (ish) all I really cared about was getting to the 'top'. To be recognised for my achievements. To earn lots of money. And above all, to WIN.

(whatever that was).

Truth be told, the harder I worked and chased, the further my goals became.

I burned out numerous times.

Over the last 12-20 months, my perception of success and what it means to be happy has shifted. It continues to do so as my understanding of the world, and, my place it it, evolves.

Maybe it's because I've hit 'middle age'. Maybe it's because my uncle died at a similar age. Or maybe it's because of something else.

Whatever it is, I now feel a deep urge to slow the eff down and feel peace and stillness inside.

Living in the country helps me connect to myself, and to the ancient energy of the earth. But life can still be pretty darn quick.

While I have my own office, it's not in a "corner". And it certainly doesn't sit in the sky. I'm not all that "important" either. I do GOOD work and I believe in the power of regional journalism to grow local economies, jobs and communities.

But I'm not winning awards for it. And you know what? That really is OK. Because success lies beyond the labels other people give us.