How to find great work in regional Victoria (and beyond)

Over the weekend I spent time with a young person who is seeking her first professional 'break'.

I told Grace that job hunting is as much about mindset than anything else. It doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn't matter how much 'experience' you have. For many professions, increasingly, it doesn't matter if you've been to university / TAFE ..... or not.

I won't deny that statistics are statistics. Some parts of regional Victoria and wider Australia are more abundant in work than others.

But the mind has a tendency to see what it believes.

Believe there are 'no jobs'.....and guess what? You're less likely to find work.

Believe that you're too young / old / unskilled / insert your own...... and guess what?

You're more likely to remain stuck.

Finding work isn't straightforward. But it CAN be made easier by sharpening your mindset.

Before I moved to regional Victoria, I struggled to find professional work for 18 months. Three years ago, I decided to make one small shift. I decided that I would be open to ALL experiences and opportunities that were in my 'highest good. I was even prepared to drop salaries and change location.

Since that time, I've been able to find not one but three great jobs. I've changed careers TWICE. I'm doing work that makes my heart SING. I'm no longer an angry and unhappy in the corporate world. I write for a living.......and I love it.

Some people may think I'm lucky. I'm not. By shifting your mindset, even by one degree, your life can change dramatically. All you have to do is believe it's possible.

But be may just get what you wish for.

Until next time,


**Coming next: How you can take advantage of the hidden job market in regional Victoria and wider Australia