Want to make a tree change but don't know how?

DO you know what it's like to have insomnia?

If so, I feel your pain. It used to happen to me a lot, too.

Unable to sleep, I'd jump on social media, generally Twitter, and find out what the rest of the world was up to. #TChat, a specialised online conversation about HR and "the world of work" was my favourite way to pass a winkless night.

Then, two nights ago, I found myself wide-eyed again. Thankfully insomnia is a rarity these days. In Heathcote, there's very little outside noise.......and the nights are still, dark and soothing.

I got up and started reading a book about the Whitlam period of Australian politics. I'm particularly interested in what he said (and did) on decentralisation and regionalisation. The long and the short of it - we've been discussing moving people out of cities ever since Federation (1901). Probably even before that.

With respect to policy makers, politicians and leaders in the field, I'm not sure that Australia will ever be able to direct / move residents and citizens en masse, to entirely new locations. We've gone to far beyond the "do not pass" sign for that. Most people are too entrenched in a fixed mindset and a certain way of living.

But not everybody.

Over the past 18 months I've been having all sorts of conversations with people around Victoria, Australia, even the US and Canada. Turns out, more than a few people WOULD consider moving (tree or sea change) IF they knew HOW.

Where the government and media is falling down is on the education and spread of information.

It's about investigating and sharing the authentic stories of regional people (and what they do for work). Knowledge on how to tap the hidden job market is also crucial.

I've clocked up 30,000 kilometres and stopped in 70+ Victorian towns since January 2018 and spoken to almost 1,000 people. I was inspired to do this because I wanted to know what the alternative(s) could be, for people who feel like they don't belong in the city.

During this time, I was approached by many people who live in the city (mostly Melbourne), about how they can make a tree (or sea) change before retirement. Just like Trev and I did. We were in our late 30s / early 40s, and made the move with very little guidance.

If you want this too, it's possible. The jobs and opportunities ARE out there. Life is great, but....... it's not perfect or romantic. 

That's why I decided to write a free guide for people who are interested in sea or tree change.

It's nearly ready and will be available Monday. I've also started again on my book: Tree Change - Life, Love and Adventure in the Aussie Bush. It will expand on the themes of the guide, and share the stories and experiences of the people I met (and continue to meet). I continue to write on connected themes and topics as Journalist at the McIvor Times, www.mcivortimes.com.au

If you'd like a copy of "Is a tree change right for you? A 12 week guide to making a successful leap" please sign up on this page at www.sparkrural.com.au

See you then.


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