12 months on from a fatal road accident, this is how I feel.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 deaths on Victorian roads happen in the country?

This is unacceptable.

This morning I visited the site of Lara’a accident at Pyalong to lay flowers and reflect. It’s one year to the day that the 40 year old lost her life.

The shock and grief has gone and in their place is a fierce determination to use my skills (i.e. writing and community engagement) for good.

It hasn’t been the easiest path to find, but it is the only one. I love what I do and am privileged to meet with, and document the stories of the people in regional Victoria.

I don’t care what the statistics say, our State has potential to revitalise. It seems crazy to me that all this space is out here, yet we're focused on building a city to accommodate 10M people.  And three major regional cities of 100-200K plus.

Seriously, it's crazy. In many cases, the infrastructure is already where we need it.

But we've got to take the conversation seriously, if we want to attract 500,000 people to the regions.