Get your infrastructure right and people will stop and stay

It's easy to drive through Kilmore. And many people do. Thousands, in fact. But as the suburbs inch further away from the CBD, and as city folk grow jack of urban living, more and more people are moving to places like Kilmore. The township is growing - fast.

Often with growth, comes pain and challenge.

But there is also beauty and inspiration.

Jessie Mann, Owner and Founder of the The Handmade Market Place in Kilmore has created a community of 65+ artisans, who stock their beautiful goods in her light filled shop. Simply, The Handmade Marketplace is not somewhere you go to (only) buy handmade clothing, accessories and home-wares.

It's a place you go to connect and have a cup of tea. To laugh, talk, and reflect. To meet friends and to make them. It's called community, and it's what makes country towns great. It's what we are working so hard to maintain as Melbourne's expansion continues.

Last week I spoke to a Not For Profit organisation about change. Yes, change hurts. It can be confronting. People come and go. Processes that once worked, don't anymore, and it's not always obvious why. So when we are faced with challenge, we can do one of two things. We can come together and solve our problems collectively. Or, we can work independently, flounder and continue to hurt each other. 

Now, I absolutely believe that the townships, businesses and community groups who survive change, do so, because of their community. A collective that supports the individual, whilst acknowledging that mistakes are made, and that everyone has bad days. (Believe it or not, your manager is human :))

Challenge then, can be our biggest opportunity. The success of your career, your business (and of mine) rests absolutely on our ability to create spaces and places that people LOVE to be a part of. Even if only for a little while. Because nothing is forever - that's the nature of change. 

Isn't it?


Vanessa Wiltshire