We don't need permission to start. But we do need good people around us

Wednesday 11 July 2018

As Spark Rural grows, I'm experimenting with content development and delivery in alternative forms, particularly video.

Video is something I've been meaning to do for sometime. But there is safety in words - you can't see me. Tonight I have a 4:30 min chat about why some small towns seem to go ahead and others don't.

I'd be interested to know what you think.

I'm passionate about this topic for many reasons, suffice to say that I live in a small town. And I absolutely see them as part of the solution to alleviating the pressure on our big cities.

Tonight's video discusses the concept of "no permission needed,"  as well as the importance of collective, or community support to achieve a big goal.Success does not occur in a vacuum, and even our greatest leaders and entrepreneurs had and have support. But of course it's more than 'support'. It's about the power of a collective to facilitate an individual to reach their potential. It's about a group of people coming together to achieve something they could not have, on their own. That can happen in so many ways: mentoring, education, connection.

This year, I've realised that we possess enormous power to effect change, in our lives, businesses and communities. 

We don't need permission, we just need to start. We don't need bureaucracy and structure. But we do need to collaborate and engage. All of these can be delicate, they require skill. But generally, the toughest part is granting ourselves the permission to BE the change.

We are here to LIVE, after all.

See you next week,

Vanessa Wiltshire
Spark Rural

95a High Street
Heathcote 3523


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I took a year off to write a book, and a community engagement agency somehow evolved. But I love it. Next week I'm off to the Gold Coast to explore models the Tree Changer publication could take. It's a big project and bold vision, but I'm excited. Stay tuned via Instagram @treechangermagazine

Vanessa Wiltshire