Where are the jobs in the country?

One of the top questions I’m asked about living in the country is ‘yes, but where are the jobs’? Truthfully, they’re everywhere. Some are advertised, some are not, just like in the city.

While you’re unlikely to get a cushy corner office gig in a skyscraper, you ARE highly likely to find something that’s close to, or an exact match of what you’re doing right now.

Jobs of all shapes and sizes exist - from allied health to nursing and medical, law and legal, accounting and professional services, digital marketing, PR, teaching, funeral planning, dance teaching, emergency services response, admin, banking and finance, publishing, project management, trades, coffee making, real estate, wine, beer and gin making and of course, farming and environmental work.

Not to mention the opportunities that exist in remote work or even starting your own business or taking one over!

To be continued .... 

Vanessa Wiltshire