How a simple publication can spark change in your community

Wednesday 3 October 2018

Yesterday, as I was walking down the main street of Kilmore, I overheard a young boy ask his dad 'why do they let the buildings get so bad?'. I must admit I've wondered the same thing on many occasions, and I've spoken about it in private conversations. Driving through town, it’s disheartening to see. Especially when things could be so.....different.

But here's the good news. Very often, all people NEED, in order to realise how truly capable they are (and to motivate them to take action), is a REFLECTOR.

One of the reasons I become involved in Spotlight was the opportunity to help uncover the greatness in Kilmore and weave the story. All the while being realistic and genuine. This is NOT about being fake or paying lip service.

Now, the old adage says, that if plants are spoken to in a positive way, their growth is faster and stronger. Whether there is truth to this, well.....that's up for debate. But I'm of the firm belief that people, animals and plants, we're all living beings. Atomically, we're made up of similar stuff. We also know that people, when given positive reinforcement, grow.

Spotlight on Kilmore is being launched this Saturday. I'd like to publicly thank my employer, Steph Ryan, MP. I have been engaged part-time on her team for this project.

Words have power. Stories build community. Narrative drives momentum. But when the light is captured, and shone back, ACTION happens.

Kilmore is a great town. They don’t need a 'hero'. None of us do. But Kilmore *does* need some help with being shown (not told) what they're really good at, and what is already working well. Help them see the door is unlocked, then enough people will open it, and walk on through.

A mentor of mine once said that we create more good by finding what is already good and building upon that. The process is called Appreciative Inquiry (AI). I'm a huge advocate of AI and it underpins every single part of my work and life. 

Next week. Spotlight on Kilmore will be live, in print and online. Once that happens, I’ll shine the light right back to you.

My only question is, which town is next? After all, we are creating a 'regional liveability' movement, here.